B-17G Flying Fortress 1:72 Revell 85-5861 Review

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B-17G Flying Fortress 1-72 Revell 85-5861Kit Review
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The Revell Pro Modeler Series has created a very well detailed 1/72 version of the Boeing B-17G Bomber. The kit covers one of the truly iconic aircraft of WW II. By most aviation experts evaluation the B 17G is rated in the top three heavy bombers of all time. The B-17 series came into being in 1934 and continued to evolve and improve through 1945. These rugged planes truly helped bring Nazi Germany to the surrender table in May of 1945.

For the Modeler: The Pro Modeler kit was brought out in 2011. I was very pleased to have a chance to tackle this exciting model. I had not built a multi-engine plane in more the 15 years so I knew this would a challenge to my rusty skills! The kit contains 187 very well detailed parts as well as a great set of decals. The decals may be used to recreate one of four aircraft. I choose to do “Little Miss Mischief”, which is actually two damaged planes that were put together to form a healthy bomber. The “Waterloo Mark II” had had its front severely damaged and “Little Miss Mischief” had taken a direct Flack hit in her radio compartment. So the mechanics at The Bassington Airbase patched the two together, which made for a very interesting paint scheme! This is the plane that I decided to complete.

Covered in this Review: This is a well designed kit but If you want to perfect your build, basic construction; seam identification and repair methods; adhesive selection and application; modular assembly techniques; altered assembly sequence for easier finishing; using metalizer paints; tail gunner modifications; paint selection and application; masking methods; using metalizer sealers; decal preparation and application; using decal setting agents; weathering methods with black washes and chalks; are all fully examined in this extensive 13 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.

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