About Right On! Replicas, LLC.
The reason that Right On! Replicas (RoR) exists is to promote the scale model building hobby and its enthusiastic community of builders. Modeling projects and reviews along with positive support of the people and products that enable this pastime are what you will find on these pages.

     User Agreement
As open and honest as we want to be we just can’t live in this world without an awareness of  the legal age we live in. What follows are some caveats that are included in the use and submission of the information presented on the Right On! Replicas web site.

All the information presented here is the sole property of Right On! Replicas, LLC (RoR) and may not be used in any manner without its expressed, written permission. Any use of the information herein is for individual use and RoR will be held harmless in its application or use. Use of this site and the information within constitutes the agreement of the user to these terms.

All of the material submitted here by any contributor is considered the intellectual property of Right On! Replicas, LLC . In addition, accepting a kit(s) to review constitutes an agreement that an acceptable and timely review will be submitted to RoR. Acceptability, is determined by the sole discretion of review criteria as outlined by RoR. Timeliness, means that skill level 1 & 2 kit revues are due within 30 days from receipt of same. Kit reviews that are of a higher skill level are due within 40 days of receipt. Any deviations from this schedule must be approved by RoR. Failure to abide by this timetable and agreement is a breach of contract and may result in the reviewer being billed market value plus shipping and handling costs for the kit(s).

Questions or comments about RoR and it’s policies are welcome and you can  email us at righton@rightonreplicas.com.

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