Review 20090720 – Apollo Spacecraft Revell 85-5086

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20090720* – Apollo Spacecraft Revell 1:32 85-5086 Revell Review

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Figure 1

Figure 1 – Apollo Spacecraft

Forty years ago today the world stood in amazement as a surrealistic view of the moon appeared in the television set. I was mesmerized when American astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the lunar surface. It was a small step but 500 million viewers knew that something profound had just taken place. What courage and technical prowess could go from start to finish; achieving the dreams of mankind in less than ten years! Forty years later we’ve seen things that are really amazing but few things that inspired whole nations like the events of that day on July 20, 1969.

For the Modeler: In commemoration of the events of that day Revell has re-released its version of the Apollo Spacecraft model that first went to the moon. In the Step-by-Step review by Mike Wood, you can follow the build to see how to perfect it yourself! Mounting pin revisions, corrected color information, mold line correction, window reshaping, service module support corrections and fuel sump tank modifications are fully addressed in this review.

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