RoR Review 20100103 – Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20100103* – Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 85-1858 Review
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This kit is part of Revell’s growing line of fully licensed Star Wars™ kits.  These have been marketed in Europe under the Revell Germany flag, but have now been repackaged for the US market. The kit comes in a typical Revell (USA) box, with the top half fully decorated with attractive artwork that any Star Wars™ fan would appreciate. 

For the Modeler: Inside the box are nine (9) sprues plus two figures, with a total parts count of 33 parts (including the figures).  There was no damage to any of the parts in my kit. One feature of these kits is that they are pre-decorated.  Because this was a review, I chose to build the kit as a snap model and did not repaint any of the pieces. I completed it in its “box stock” state; I then weathered the model to bring this kit to life.  My review will be broken down in two parts – a box stock review, and a discussion on weathering techniques To see how to make your Imperial Shuttle kit into a showpiece for your collection in the Step-by-Step Review.

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