RoR Review 20100728 – USS Buckley Revell #85-3013

RoR Review 20100728 – USS Buckley Revell 1:249 Scale Kit #85-3013 Review
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Smaller than destroyers, the destroyer escorts (DE) were a WWII ship type whose primary tasks were convoy, escort and anti-submarine warfare. The United States built a number of DE classes including the Buckley class. As the war progressed, armaments were increased or customized to meet local needs. Reference information is easily found on the various classes of DE (Squadron and The Floating Drydock both have good ‘In Action’ type books on DE’s). Revell’s Buckley class destroyer escort model #85-3013 is good for both an out of the box build or as a detailed conversion. I used this model to detail the U.S.S England (DE 635) and not the Buckley itself.

For the modeler: The Revell Buckley kit is a box scale kit (1/249) from the Golden age of Revell in the 1950’s. For its time, the kit has a highly detailed superstructure with hatches, ladders, and rafts. And for the most part–this kit holds up very well today. The kit does have a couple weaknesses. The weapons only slightly resemble the originals. The guns should be replaced or extensively rebuilt for a contest model. The railing stanchions are attached to narrow rectangular parts engineered to be inserted into the deck. It leaves a nasty seam to fill –but doesn’t look as bad as it sounds when filled. The only real detail missing from the kit’s hull are the bilge keels on each side of the lower hull. This is easily remedied with scratch-built strip styrene parts. All this and more is fully explained in the Step-by-Step review

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