RoR Review 20101117 – Monogram® 1:24 scale 1982 Corvette® (kit #85-0885)

RoR Review 20101117 – Monogram® 1:24 scale 1982 Corvette® (kit #85-0885)

Review and Photos by Tom Schaefer

Figure 00

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 Reviewed here is Revell’s® reissue of the Monogram® 1:24 scale 1982 Corvette® (kit #85-0885). At first glance I thought this kit looked familiar, and it was. It was originally issued in the mid ‘80’s as a SnapTite® kit. Now Under the “Classic Cruiser©” name it is re-issued as a skill level 2 glue kit. Now Skill level 2 is pushing it a bit, with a low parts count and not much detail, but it turns out it’s a very nice simple kit. If you’re looking for a model to do to take a break from that 6 month detail build or you are just getting into the hobby, this might be what you need.

Figure 01

Figure 1


The model itself has only 34 parts. The detail is actually better than the old Monogram® kits. The parts are molded in white, chrome and smoke (window assembly). There is hardly any flash and no low spots to fill in. Very minimal mold lines are found on the body or elsewhere. After about a half an hour I had everything cleaned and ready for paint.

figure 02

Figure 2


I did run into a couple of fit issues though. First the engine mounts need about a 1/16th of an inch sanded off each side (figure 3) so that the oil pan will sit between them.

figure 03

Figure 3


The next thing is that the wheel backs need 3/32 sanded off them (figure 4) to let the wheel assembly fit into the tire.  And speaking of the wheels, a little black wash on them will bring out the fine detail nicely.

figure 04

Figure 4


The rest was clear sailing, I prepped and painted the body with Testors® stoplight red metallic over a black base. Let it dry for a week and wax it out.


The chassis was just shot with flat black and had some details picked out with silver paint.

figure 05

Figure 5


The interior was painted with Dupli-color® gray primer and detail painted with a fine brush.


Figure 07

Overall, assembly was a breeze, since it all snapped together, except for a little glue to help hold things in place. This car turned out better than I thought it would. It sits nice and will make a good scale replica model for your shelf. For the hobbyist there are fit adjustments to the wheel backing plates/hubs and engine mounts that need some attention but this is a great model for that first step into glue kits for the novice or quick build for that Corvette fan.