ROR Review 20101211 – SnapTite® Star Wars® X-wing Fighter #85-1856

ROR Review 20101211 – SnapTite® Star Wars® X-wing Fighter #85-1856

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For the modeler it’s an easy build and that’s the beauty of it. Children can build this kit. The great thing about this kit is that kids love it. It’s not always because of the movie. Most are too young to remember it but they all know the characters and quite often it’s the R2D2® figure that they relate to most. If you want to start a child in the model building hobby – this is the kit. It’s inexpensive, goes together easily and looks great when it’s finished. It looks great on display or can become a favorite toy for careful play. This is a SnapTite® kit with only 36 pieces and two figures to assemble in six main steps. It could be further detailed by the real Star Wars® enthusiast. With some added detail and finishing this could also make the base for a contest piece.
Figure 1     (X-Wing Fighter with phase-shifted black lighting effects)

The first step in this build is pretty easy and I found it best to snap the pilot into position with the eraser end of a pencil. Place the seat into the cockpit area along with the base hinge and canopy.
Figure 2

Place the two wing halves together like the directions show. It won’t go together wrong but you can separate the wings pretty far.
Figure 3

Assemble the engine halves and inspection doors.
Figure 4

Attach the lower engine halves to the wing pods to enclose the engine intakes.
Figure 5

Attach the upper engine halves to the wing pods.
Figure 6

Attach the laser cannons to each wing tip. Note that the units with the oblique blue strips are opposite each other with one on the top port and one at the lower starboard side. 
Figure 7

Trap the wing sections together by snapping the fuselage halves over their centers along with the back plate of the fighter.  Place R2D2 into the navigator’s bay and you have a highly detailed X-Wing Fighter for your display.
Figure 8

You can also attach the landing gear to display the model in its landing position. Shown here in the cargo bay of a huge transporter this model always looks like it’s ready to take off and defend the galaxy. “May the force be with you”.
Figure 9

This is a fun kit to build with a child. It’s a simple construction with very little flash and good fit everywhere. The model features wings that separate and close together for light speed flights.

This is an easy to build kit with a low part count for a beginner that looks great on the shelf or hanging in the ceiling fleet!

There’s not too much here to challenge the advanced modeler.