North American B-25 Mitchell Airfix A04005 1:72 Review

2012 March 30
by Doug

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North American B-25 Mitchell 1:72 Scale Airfix Kit # A04005 Review
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Named after William Mitchell, the leading exponent of American air power between the wars, the B-25 became famous for the Tokyo raid of 1942 when 16 Mitchells led by “Jimmy” Doolittle flew from the carrier USS Hornet. The first production B-25 flew in August 1940, and on December 24th, 1941, a Mitchell became the first American medium bomber to sink a Japanese submarine. The armament of 75mm cannon, fourteen 0.5 in machine guns and 3,000 lbs of bombs made the B-25H one of the most heavily armed aircraft in the world. The last version of the Mitchell to be produced was the B-25J – of the 10,000 Mitchell’s built, over 4,000 were J versions. Some of these were modified in the field to accept a solid nose with eight machine guns, giving a grand total of eighteen. The B-25J was powered by two 1,850 hp Wright Cyclone engines, giving a maximum speed of 280 mph and a range of 1,275 miles. The B-25J had a wingspan 67 ft, 6 in, length 52 ft 11 in.

For the Modeler: This is a skill level 4 (out of 25), 1:72 scale, Airfix Military Aircraft Classic Kit Series model kit molded in 118 gray and clear resin pieces with crew members. I plan on modeling my B-25 right out of the box (OOB) in flight mode configuration using the included decals to replicate 328096 “Lady Luck” of USAFF, 1944-45.

Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; adhesive selections and applications; kit history; version selection; clamping methods; paint selections and applications; color cross-reference information; repairing large gate divots; making crystal clear canopies with floor polish; removing ejector pin marks from clear resin parts; landing gear up/down considerations; identifying and repairing large gaps and seams; color selections for the crew members; highlighting with pastels; aligning the machine guns; using capillary action for adhesives; correcting a negative dihedral; using superglue and accelerants to fill gaps; tool selection and application; layering fillers in different colors for identification; re-scribing door panels with Dymo tape; masking methods for the canopies; using metalizer paints and sealers; prop finishing methods; decal preparation and setting procedures; using floor polish as a sealer; are all fully examined in this extensive 29 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.


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