Consolidated B-24J Liberator 1:48 Monogram #85-5629 Model Review

2012 July 12
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 201207011 – B-24J Liberator 1:48 Mngrm 85-5629 Review           
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The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was an American heavy bomber, designed by Consolidated Aircraft of San Diego, California. It was known within the company as the Model 32, and a small number of early models were sold under the name LB-30, for Land Bomber. The B-24 was used in World War II by several Allied air forces and navy’s and by every branch of the American armed forces during the war, attaining a distinguished war record with its operations in the Western European, Pacific, Mediterranean, and China-Burma-India Theaters.

The B-24J was very similar to the B-24H, but shortages of the Emerson nose turret required use of a modified, hydraulically powered Consolidated A-6 turret in most J model aircraft built at Consolidated’s San Diego and Fort Worth factories. The B-24J featured an improved autopilot (type C-1) and a bombsight of the M-1 series. B-24H sub-assemblies made by Ford and constructed by other companies and any model with a C-1 or M-1 retrofit, were all designated B-24J. The J model was the only version to be built by all five factories involved in B-24 production. (Total: 6,678). Coincidentally, 42-51978 “PATCHES” was built 10 miles from my home at the Willow Run airport around 1945.

 For the Modeler: This B-24J kit was built right out of the box (OOB) using the included decals. The  color schemes and references, prop painting techniques, Revell replacement part procedures, using Alclad paint for a bare metal finish, interior and exterior weathering techniques, gap filing, decal application, creating crystal clear canopy glass, replacing panel lines with stretched sprue and resin rivets, painting the crew figures, window adhesion methods, aftermarket nose weight applications, effective clamping methods, watercolor weathering, canopy masking, creating a painting jig, are all fully examined in the Step-by-Step review.

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