1929 Ford Rat Rod Pickup Revell 85-4932 1/25 scale Review

2012 October 12
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20121012* – 1929 Ford Rat Rod Pickup Revell 85-4932 1/25 scale Review
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29 Rat Rod Pickup 000

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The popularity of Rat Rods has increased greatly in the past few years. There are almost always a few on display at local car shows across the country and they come in all shapes and sizes. Usually sporting monster V-8’s, they emphasize speed over looks but a careful examination will uncover some crafty work in the area of aesthetics as well. You will often find the interiors decked out in memorabilia or carrying a theme like sports or racing. This “bad boy” embraces a softer theme as evidenced by the pinup on the side body but if you look closely you’ll notice that the bed is full of rusty parts so it’s not just for show.

For the Modeler: Don’t be fooled by the soft look of this ’29 Rat Rod. It’s a great showpiece but it is a skill level 3 kit and someone with little modeling experience will have difficulty putting it together. However, with some patience it turns out to be a great looking kit. I found that the kit was very fragile and the chrome was easily wiped from the parts. To help you perfect this kit spring height modifications; alternatives to working with the chromed parts; alternate wheel assembly; assembly sequence modifications; adding scratch built parts; staging subassembly modules; paint choices; making the truck bed look realistic; fitting the door glass; and adding weathered cargo parts for realism are all fully examined in this Step-by-Step review.


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    I like this kit Michael Reynolds. ☺

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