Step-by-Step Project – Die Cast Color Change

2009 February 14
by Doug

Before: Jeep Sahara®

Before: Jeep Sahara®

See the Step-by-Step Project Guide for this Jeep!

If you’re just an average Joe that wants to personalize an off-the-shelf (OTS) model car/truck then this project is just what you’re looking for.  With a little patience and some common model making tools, along with some items from around your house, you can make a spectacular replica.

You won’t need an airbrush, paint booth, heat lamps or even special lighting to achieve outstanding results and your keepsake will always be a proud reminder of the fun you had in the original vehicle and of the time you took to make a replica of it.

After: Jeep Wrangler Sport®

After: Jeep Wrangler Sport®

A few years back I owned a beautiful Jeep Wrangler Sport® that I wanted to “preserve” by making a replica of it for my collection. I needed a base model with good detail but I was never able to find the exact model or color combination that I needed. One day I noticed a 1:18 scale die cast model on sale and decided to “convert” it into a personalized version of the Jeep® that I had owned.

The body shapes of the two vehicles are almost identical so there was little needed in the way of structural modifications. The only thing in that regard was to remove the Sahara® side emblems and denote the fender skirts of the Sport® model with a painted demarcation.

Here is the result so if you like what you see and want to learn how to do it for yourself, read all about it in the Step-By-Step Project section.

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