HAWK Mobile Anti-Aircraft Guided Missile System Revell SSP 85-7813 1:32 scale review

2012 November 3
by Doug

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Hawk Guided Missile System 1:32 Scale Revell-Renwal Model Kit #85-7813 Review
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The Hawk Missile System was a low altitude surface-to-air missile designed to operate in the area below that covered by the Nike Missile.  It was operated by the U.S. Army and introduced to the public in October 1957.  The Hawk’s ability to seek out and destroy enemy aircraft was due to its radically advanced radar system in the missile guidance system.  The Hawk Missile System had a high degree of mobility and could be transported by ground or air-lifted to front line positions.  The Hawk system could be positioned near American cities because its radar system was programmed to avoid recognizable city profiles.  The Hawk Missile was powered by a solid-fuel propellant and could carry several different types of warheads.

For the Modeler: This is a “Selected Subjects Program (SSP)” Series Revell re-issue of the 1:32 Scale Model Kit #85-7813 Review.  It is a Skill Level 2 kit for the intermediate builder.  The kit contains 103 parts molded in light grey, with waterslide decals and a crew of four.  This kit was first produced by Renwal Blueprint Models sometime in the 1960’s.  After Renwal went out of business in 1970, Revell purchased much of their tooling around 1976 and began to reproduce many of the kits including the Hawk Missile. This kit features three Hawk missiles, complete mobile radar and missile trailers, four crew member figures and decals with authentic U.S. Army graphics.  Finished dimensions are; Height: 6.5″ (including launcher), Dia., 0.5”. Full kit; Length: 8.5″, Width: 6.125″, Height: 4.375″.  Keep learning and have fun.

Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; part preparation; decal preparation and  application; parting line identification and repair; altered assembly sequences for ease of construction and paint protection; adhesive selection and applications; patching sink marks in the figures; detailing the figures; missile paint selections; using floor polish to prepare for decal application; preserving the flat finish; using pastels for detailing; expanded 1:1 Hawk System information; identifying and removing molding trademarks, are all fully examined in this pictorial 15 page, full-color Step-by-Step review in PDF format.  The kit instructions are also available with this review.


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  1. 2012 November 4
    Jason Unwin permalink

    I also remember the HAWK in the late 80s early 90s rolling down the autobahn in Germany as the missiles were moved from launch site to launch site. Good job with the kit. 🙂


  2. 2012 November 23
    Todd McWilliams permalink

    Thanks Jason! This kit brought back memories from long ago in a time zone far, far away! LOL’s!!

    Thanks – Todd

  3. 2013 June 15
    Tim Haman permalink

    My kit arrived in the mail today. I spent 42 years in Hawk. I retired in 2010 and always wanted one of these kits. My last working in Hawk was in Abu Dhabi. We were phase 3. I went in the Army in 1968. 6 years Germany, 1 year Korea, 10 years Saudi, then 12 years UAE. I wish the other radars loader and PCP were available. Thanks for the heads up on the kit. I have the part TM’s in PDF format. Thanks
    Tim Haman
    Retired Raytheon

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