California Highway Patrol Bike HD 1200 Electra Glide 1:8 scale Revell 7910 Kit Review

2012 November 28
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20121129* – California Highway Patrol Bike Harley-Davidson 1200 Electra Glide 1:8 scale Revell 7910 Kit Review
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If you have one of these vintage motorcycle kits or you plan to get one – it’s your lucky day! These excellent kits, issued in the 80’s and 90’s are still available at online auction sites and garage sales near you at pretty reasonable prices. In addition, you can perfect your build by avoiding any issues before they come up with the full review available below. The instructions are included so you can build this kit if you don’t have already them.

For the modeler: Released in 1981, the Revell 1/8th scale Harley Davidson California Highway Patrol Motorcycle kit is loaded with parts to make this a great shelf model or a great start for customizing. In big scale this model is large (12” long) and shows off the detail well. The kit comes with rubber tires and hose, and is molded in black, chrome and clear parts. The box rates this for “ages ten to adult” but due to its many small parts and skill level required to assemble the kit correctly I’d rate it a skill level 3 kit.  As for mold quality, the black parts didn’t have a lot of flash to remove but the chrome parts had a lot of flash and issues with some of the chrome easily rubbing off and overall poor plating of many of the parts. Aside from these issues; cable preparation; chrome removal; detailing the engine with a Sharpie; “inflating” the tires; the use of metalizers for finishing; squaring up the frame; reinforcing the cable attachment points; correcting the rear fender joint; instruction errors; correcting the tank gauge decal; modifying the flashers to fit into their bezels are all fully examined in this 11 page full color Step-by-Step review. 

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