Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Revell #7302 1:8 Scale Review

2013 January 5
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20130105*
Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Revell #7302 1:8 Scale Review

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Harley-Davidson was right when they named this bike a “classic”. It had plenty of power and comfort to tackle the open road. Some people might not think a snap kit is worth building so my goal was to show that these kits can be great “curbside” builds or a foundation for a custom bike build. One thing you can’t ignore is that the pieces are substantially more stout than a glue kit, and that really is a nice benefit of these kits. Due to the nature of the kit, that’s understandable, but it really is a bonus for the advanced modeler who will find these parts easier to work with (less frail than glue kits) or to use with other custom cycle projects. 

For the Modeler: This kit came molded in black and gray, and included chrome parts and clear, amber, and red parts for the windshield and lenses. Rubber tires and spark plug wires are also included. The parts are detailed and there were no problems with flash, and only a couple of issues with specific parts that will be addressed within this review. Overall, this turned out to be a nice kit and with some time and attention, it’s hard to tell this was a SnapTite kit. It’s sitting proudly on my shelf next to non-Snap models and they don’t seem to mind. Perfecting this build will take some advance knowledge that you will find in this review. Effective detailing for the brake rotors; using a mask to paint the tire white walls; using metalizers and silver shades for contrast; creating an epoxy glass lens; tutone paint masking methods; realistic saddlebag details; flash removal; snap fit augmentation; removing unwanted chrome; using metalizer paints; engine detailing; applying bare metal foil for realism; decal preparation; using blackwash to make the chrome details standout; fixing warped parts; are fully discussed in this full-color 19 page tutorial review. As a bonus this kit’s instructions are available as part of this review. 

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