Teracruzer with Mace Missile 1:32 Revell 85-7812 Kit Review

2013 January 13
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20130113* 
Teracruzer with Mace Missile
1:32 Revell 85-7812 Kit Review
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Revell kit 85-7812 Kit Teracruzer with Mace Missile. After the atomic bombs ended World War II, and started the Nuclear Age the United States developed many different delivery methods for the nuclear warheads it was developing. The Mace missile was one of the first land based surface-to-surface mobile missile systems.

For the modeler: This was originally a Renwall kit that has been re-issued by Revell.I painted all missile parts flat aluminum or you can use steel, to replicate a real Mace missile. The orange one shown on the box was only a test missile. Even though these old “Blueprinter” Series kits render some great subject matter they can be a little daunting to build. Perfect your Teracruzer with the help of model master advice contained in the full review. A modified assembly sequence to facilitate painting; bogey wheel, Teracruzer trailer, cab and mace missile construction; cautionary notes regarding parts that can’t be glued for free motion; squaring up the frame; part orientation tips; and correct Air Force color selection; are all fully examined in this 11 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.


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