Harley Davidson Freedom Chopper 1:8 Scale Revell 85-7307 Kit Review

2013 March 14
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20130314*
Harley Davidson Freedom Chopper 1:8 Scale Revell 85-7307 Kit Review

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When the movie “Easy Rider” came out it was the viewed as the greatest youth movement flick since “Rebel Without  A Cause” starring James Dean. It also popularized a new ride called the “chopper”. These bikes are pure style and the wild colors and outlandish embellishments on them; they were meant to make a statement!   

For the Modeler: The Harley Davidson Freedom Chopper, released in 1996, is sure to grab some attention on your model shelf!  These kits are still readily available at online auctions and garages sales. This is a skill level 2 kit with 79 pieces. Molded in white and clear it also features many chrome parts and rubber tires and hosing. The parts are highly detailed and they really make this a realistic looking build when done. It also went together great without any real fit issues that can be found on other motorcycle models. The finished model is 147/8 inches (37.8 cm) long.

Covered in this Review: This is a pretty easy kit to make but if you want to perfect your build, basic construction; seam identification and repair; sink mark repairs; body preparation methods; altered assembly sequences for finish and fitment; color and finish selections and applications; decal preparation and application; use of buffing metalizers and black washes for realistic finishes; preparing the cables for attachment; installing the operational kickstand; finishing the rubber grips; adding realism to the exhaust pipes; are all fully examined in this extensive 12 page, full-color Step-by-Step review. As a bonus the instruction set is also available with this review.

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