Wedell Williams 121 Gilmore Air Racer 1:32 Scale Kit #32521 Review

2013 March 22
by Doug

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Wedell Williams 121 Gilmore Air Racer 1:32 Scale Kit # 0050-32521-01 Review
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Wedell Williams Incorporated was organized during 1928 by pilot/designer James Robert Wedell and millionaire Harry Palmerson Williams.  The Louisiana firm offered charter services, passenger flights, and flying lessons.  They also branched into manufacturing, starting with sport types, then they ventured into producing racing aircraft.  During 1931, Jimmy Wedell achieved a credible second place in the Thompson Trophy event, better only by Lowell Bayles in the Gee Bee “Z”.  Among those impressed by the performance was Roscoe Turner, who contracted for a brand new Wedell Williams Racer.  Actually, since members of the W-W group were occupied with their own efforts, a major portion of the fabrication was conducted by Don Young, Turners ace mechanic.  Since formal drawings for previous racers did not exist, most dimensions were obtained by direct measurement of a nearby aircraft.  The finished machine was test flown by Jimmy Wedell and accepted by Roscoe Turner.  However, at the insistence of Harry Williams, a second test was performed with ballast added to the seat, simulating the extra weight of Turner.  During a high speed pass, one wing failed and Wedell just managed to escape by parachute before the aircraft was totally destroyed.  A second, strengthened aircraft passed all tests and became the famous 121 “Gilmore Red Lion”. 

For the Modeler: This Williams Brothers Model Products kit is 1:32 scale and consists of ~75 highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey and one clear canopy piece. The radial engine is multi-piece construction for added details. The fuselage features recessed panel lines and the kit comes with colorful waterslide decals for three versions; NR61Y, No 121 ‘Gilmore Red Lion’, NR278V, No 44 ‘Miss Patterson’ and NR536V, No 92 ‘Miss New Orleans’ and well-Illustrated instructions. Size: Length: 8-3/4″ & Wingspan: 9-3/4″. This kit went together very well with the exception of the decals.  It would have been fun watching these beauties fly around pylons in the 1930’s……..  Keep learning and have fun.

Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build, basic construction; engine detailing including the use of brass tubing and copper wire for realistic parts replacement; using Blacken-It for brass parts; adhesive selection and applications; mounting small parts for easier finishing; using black wash to enhance metal parts; using Alclad paint for a realistic metal finish; weathering techniques; paint selections and applications throughout; modifying the cylinder heads to fit; engine/cowl alignment; seam and sink identification and repairs; replacement control devices by scratch building; simulating wood finishes; realistic cockpit finishing; version undercarriage considerations; realistic tire/wheel finishing; clamping techniques; wing/airframe version modifications; decal repair and custom paint mixing methods; canopy framework masking and finishing; mounting the airframe for finishing; airframe paint mixing instructions; using floor polish for sheen; masking for stripes and accents; using decal setting agents; detailed rigging instructions; are all fully examined in this exhaustive 28 page, full-color Step-by-Step review. 

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  1. 2015 November 15
    Sam Heller permalink

    I have a Gilmore Red Lion 121 and am in need of a new prop… the one I have has broken.
    Is there any place I can purchase just the prop assembly.
    thank you

  2. 2015 November 30
    Doug permalink

    Sam – Thanks for inquiry but RoR doesn’t sell kits or parts, just premium quality reviews. You should contact Williams Brothers for a replacement part.

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