Military Wrecker Truck 1:32 Scale Revell 85-7816 Kit Review

2013 April 2
by Doug

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Military Wrecker Truck 1:32 Scale Revell 85-7816 Review
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The military wrecker was a vital asset because of its ability to carry mechanics to a broken-down vehicle, but also it could tow vehicles back to a maintenance site if field repairs cannot be affected. The Boom assists in raising vehicles to work on them; it can also be used to lift the power packs (engine/transmission assemblies) from tanks and other armored vehicles. The wrecker also served in the supply yard unloading cargo because a shortage of forklifts. The only other way was having soldiers unload trucks by hand.

By matching body design features and then crane design features I found this kit is actually an M62 5-ton wrecker circa 1951-1959. The M62 5-ton wrecker was introduced in 1951 as the replacement for the WWII era vehicles in the military’s inventory. With its 6-wheel drive 5-ton chassis this class of vehicle had better off-road capabilities than any other vehicle (except a tank) in existence.  Add a hydraulic crane with 360 degrees of rotation and a 20,000 pound lift capability and you got a solid workhorse for the postwar Army. The diesel engine just sweetened the pot. These trucks maintained the Army and the Marine Corps into the Vietnam War when they were replaced by the powerful M816 series of wreckers.

For the Modeler: This Revell skill level 2 Military Wrecker Truck kit #85-7816 was originally released as a Renwal Blueprint Model. It is 1:32 scale and consists of 156 plastic pieces molded in gray with five crew members and a shipping crate. Revell has given us a very nice combat support vehicle for our collections.  This kit is a very realistic depiction of an important vehicle in the Army’s inventory. The finished kit’s dimensions are L-11″, W-4.5″ H-4.75″

Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build, basic construction; repairing sinks and finishing methods for the crew members; crew member paint selection; altered assembly sequence for fit and finish considerations; realistic engine detailing; critical part orientation tips; flash area identification; glue avoidance areas; chassis and undercarriage paint selection; drive shaft and fuel tank repairs; realistic wheel/tire finishing; squaring up the duallies; cab construction alignment; grill repairs; overall paint selection and application guide list; realistic operator bucket and crane finishing; crane rigging; realistic winch detailing; bed and stabilizer construction sequence; clamping methods for a sure fit; attachment points are identified; decal preparation, placement, and authenticity declarations; realistic shipping crate finishing techniques; using setting solutions for decal realism,  are all fully examined in this extensive 20 page, full-color Step-by-Step review. 

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  1. 2014 June 27
    phil lundy permalink

    This M62 truck used a Continental R6602 gasoline engine. Eventually they were replaced withdiesel and multifuel engines. The kit is typical of those produced in the late 50’s or early 60’s. To build an excellent replica, secure pictures. It is a nice model to add to your soft-skin collection.

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