Aerobee-Hi Research Rocket 1:40 Scale Revell Kit #H-1814 Review

2013 May 29
by Doug

RoR Step-by-Step Review 20130529*
Aerobee-Hi Research Rocket 1:40 Scale Revell Kit #H-1814 Review

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Built by Aerojet-General Corporation, the Aerobee Hi claimed the record for single stage boosted rockets on April 30 1957. Designed to carry heavy payloads to higher altitudes than the Aerobee 170, this rocket set a new record altitude for single stage rockets on April 30, 1957 when it carried 140 pounds to a height of 180 miles above White Sands. Equipment for America’s first satellite was tested by sending it aloft on an Aerobee. The Aerobee Hi rockets were launched from the White Sands proving ground and Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, the U.S.S. Norton Sound off the coasts of Alaska and Peru and from the special Aerojet built IGY (International Geophysical Year) launching facility at Fort Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The Aerobee Hi was a “free flight” rocket that was free from many of the mechanical troubles that plague more complicated controlled missiles. Much of the research aided in man’s eventual trip to the Moon.

For the Modeler: This is a Revell skill level 1, 1:40 scale Aerobee-Hi Research Rocket model kit #H-1814. This Revell kit was originally released in 1958 as the International Geophysical Year was drawing to a close and this kit was re-issued in 1996. Although they are no longer in production they are still available at online auction sites and garage sales. The mold does show its age in a few areas. The kit contains about 35 pieces molded in gray and white plastic with three crew members, a waterslide decal sheet, and instructions in English. Finished overall dimensions are; Length: 12.5″, Width: 3.125″, Height: 2.25″.

Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; adhesive selections and applications; seam identification and repairs; paint selection and application; repairing flash; crew figure finishing; rocket body assembly techniques; test fitting; aligning the stages; alternate assembly sequences to preserve fragile parts; repairing wheel seams; are all fully examined in this 13 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.


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