F-16 Air Team 1:48 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-5326 Review

2013 September 12
by Doug

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F-16 Air Team 1:48 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-5326 Review

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The General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon was originally conceived as a light-weight supplement to the then-new F-15 Eagle. It is considered today to be an excellent all around fighter and ground attack platform.  With over four thousand in production serving twenty four air forces it will see service for a long time to come.  The aircraft uses a unique fly by wire control system making it very easy to fly, however without this system the basic shape of the aircraft would be uncontrollable. The fighter is also extremely maneuverable and can carry a devastating amount of ordinance to the battlefield. It is because of these excellent flight characteristics that in 1983 the USAF Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team fielded it as its primary show bird. Sporting a beautiful red white and blue paint scheme the team performs thousands of shows all over the world.

For the Modeler: This is the F-16 Air Team 1:48 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-5326. It is a skill level 2 kit molded in 77 white plastic and a clear plastic canopy pieces. The kit includes instructions and an excellent set of colorful waterslide decals. Revell’s F-16 was originally pressed in the early 90’s. It was released as an ADF variant with a pair of AIM-7 Sparrow air to air missiles, a pair of AIM-9 Sidewinders, and a centerline drop tank. This boxing replaces the Sparrows with a pair of AGM-88 HARM anti-radiation missiles along with the Sidewinders. Finished dimensions are: Length: 11-3/4″, Height: 8-1/8″, Wingspan: 8-1/8″


Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; version option considerations; alternate assembly sequence suggestions for fit and ease of construction; paint and adhesive selections and application; identifying and repairing seam lines; cockpit  detailing; the importance of test fitting; expanded 1:1 history of the aircraft; instrument panel suggestions;  masking the airframe for painting; metalizer techniques; decal preparation, application and special handling; detailing the landing gear; sealing decals with floor polish; sequential construction of the fuselage halves to ensure fitment; masking methods; techniques for making a standout canopy; alignment of stabilizers, decals, and frames; using decal solvents to facilitate conformance; touchup methods for matching paint to decals; making realistic exhaust with metalizers, dry brushing, and weathering powders;  are all fully examined in this pictorial 16 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.


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