Red Knight of Vienna 1:8 Scale Model Monogram Kit #85-6522 Review

2013 December 6
by Doug

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Red Knight of Vienna 1:8 Scale Model Monogram Kit #85-6522 Review
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I was delighted to build this kit as I remember making it as a child in the mid 1960’s. I painted it with leftover red house paint, so I welcomed the opportunity to do it again using more care and modern methods. Aurora released a total of five medieval knight kits (silver, blue, black and red on foot and a gold knight which was mounted on horseback. A Green knight was advertised but may not have been released.)    

The color coding idea is completely fanciful, a marketing tactic designed to appeal to the young modeler’s imagination. Actual armor of the period was only bare steel of course and there is no historical record of anyone ever wearing painted armor. I opted for the authentic highly polished steel finish and dismissed the ‘Red Knight’ thing entirely. The molds for these kits and many other classic kits were thought to have been destroyed in the famous New York train wreck when Monogram bought out Aurora, but modelers rejoiced when they were re-released in recent years by Revell, which had in turn acquired Monogram. Frankly, I think the destruction of Aurora’s molds is an urban myth; they’re all sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Morton Grove, Ill, along with the Ark of the Covenant.

For The Modeler:  Revell-Monogram’s 1:8 scale Red Knight of Vienna kit is a re-release of the old Aurora Models kit which originally debuted in 1958. Although it’s no longer in production these kits are readily available at online auctions. This kit comprises 49 parts in light gray styrene including a square plastic base. The finished model stands about 1 foot tall and depicts a knight in Germanic Gothic-style jousting armor of the late 15th century. Research shows that all the knights in this kit series were based on actual suits of armor in the Wallace Collection, which is still housed in a small museum in London, England. A good reference picture is available online which shows that the kit is definitely based on this suit despite minor variations and additions made by Aurora to add interest ( 

Covered in this Review: Basic construction; glue, paint and material selections; repairing mold marks and filling sink holes and gaps; adding texture details with soldering iron pyro-engraving; basic face painting with acrylic and oil paints, highlighting and shading of same; applying Archer Fine Transfer eyeball decals; adding detail with real leather; correcting minor inaccuracies; masking and painting with spray cans; dangers to the model presented by some metallic paints, adding shading with acrylic Floating Medium and Crackle Medium, are all fully examined in this 14 page, full-color, comprehensive article.


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