Ford Taurus Police Car 1:25 Scale Model AMT Kit #6078 Review

2013 December 20
by Doug

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Ford Taurus Police Car 1:25 Scale Model AMT Kit #6078 Review

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Ford created the Taurus model in 1986 as a new line to combat slouching sales and recover from near Bankruptcy. The body was more aerodynamic and stylish than any previous models and had a Front Wheel Drive configuration. In 1989 Ford had contracted with Yamaha for a Super High Output or SHO motor that was a 3.0L V6. Ford had originally only planned on building the contracted number of SHO cars but as it became so popular they included it into the general line. Although originally considered lacking for Police use the 1990 model Taurus was proven to withstand the abuse and be a good performer. This was the first front wheel drive vehicle truly considered good for Police use as both the Chrysler K Series and Chevrolet Celebrity had proven to not hold up to the abuse as a service vehicle. The Police Package never used the SHO elements it was the Stock Taurus with Police Use specific parts including a 140 horse 3.8L V6. Also, Police Package Taurus models had a unique set of slots in the front grill that made it stand out from a regular a Taurus. The slots were for extra cooling for the engine.


For the Modeler: This is kit is no longer in production but it is readily available at online auctions and garage sales. It was a 1989 release “Made in the USA”. This review is of AMT Kit number 6078. The kit is a Skill Level 2, 1/25 scale 1990 Ford Taurus SHO with Police parts. The kit has over 100 parts molded in White, Chrome, Clear, Red and Blue Clear and has Vinyl Tires. Shelf space is roughly 7 ¾ inches long 2 ¾ inches wide and just shy of 3 inches tall. The kit has been issued as a Stock Taurus SHO, Robocop Movie car, Rescue 911 TV car and this Police version. That being said you get all the parts for the Stock and Police versions plus a few Custom parts such as a third set of rims. The model itself has some FLASH but it is minor and requires no real effort to remove. Molding seems crisp and detail seems good. BUT, OOPS this is a SHO version not a Police Car, even the grille area is missing the slots found on the Police Package. (The slots are done as decals) The instruction sheet is 13 steps of building, 5 of which are just the motor assembly. Color callouts are directly on the build sheet not just letters or numbers with a chart so it is easier to paint.


Overall Impressions: For the age of the kit the details are good. The motor assembly and under hood details stand out and make this a nice build overall. The Police accessories for the interior stand out and finish of the look. It would be nicer if the radio had a microphone but otherwise it is good. As for the body, AMT should have done a basic body as the SHO is very inaccurate.  There are nit-picky things that are minor but would make a better kit. The tail lights do not need the attachment pin and it leaves a funny spot in the lens, the headlights need a clear cover as the chrome is cheesy looking. The Jetsonic light bar is a little generic looking.  Build wise other than changing the assembly process to make the build flow better and protect the body from potential damage the kit assembly is smooth. There were no major snags or issues that would hinder the less experienced builder. As long as you take your time the build will really fall together nicely. Maybe a trip to POLICECARMODELS.COM will net you some department specific decals to recreate your own local units. This is a fun kit, GO BUILD IT!


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