How to Build a Scale Model Cargo Trailer

2014 January 3
by Doug

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How to Build a Scale Model Cargo Trailer 

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If you’ve ever seen a scale model car or emergency vehicle that would look better with a cargo trailer attached, there is a way to make one that looks great and they’re not as hard to build as you might think. Many sources and models over the years have offered trailers but they are usually simple tilt-bed units that need to be modified to fill the bill. This article shows you how to use a donor kit’s unit to build a custom emergency services cargo trailer for the Polk County Florida Fire Department. You can use these steps as a guide to build your own trailer and with some of the many sources for aftermarket decals or decal making products you customize it to your exact specifications.

There are a number of sources for trailers to use in this build and there is a partial list of those at the end of 999 the article. The donor used for this article is from the Chevy Caprice MPC #753/12 model kit that came with a Tilt Bed trailer for hauling race cars. The trailer is mostly accurate looking but for the length should have been a dual wheel trailer to support the weight. A real trailer would have a support frame and full axles also. The Cargo trailers are based on the basic frame design as a Tilt Bed so conversion is not difficult. Many people would use a Flatbed or Tilt Bed trailer to build the cargo box onto as an alternative to purchasing a new unit. This will be the premise of my build.

For the Modeler: This is the trailer unit from MPC kit number 753/12 model in 1/25 scale recently re-released by Round 2 Models.  It is a Skill Level 2 kit for the average builder.  The kit is molded in White, Chrome and Vinyl Tires with approximately 24 parts. Shelf space is roughly 9 inches long 4 ¼ inches wide and 1 inch tall as a Tilt Bed, it is almost 3 ¾  inches tall with the cargo box. The kit comes as a Tilt Bed Trailer. I will be building a simple Cargo Box out of sheet and angle styrene to attach to the trailer frame. You can also do this with any similarly styled scale model trailer. All phases of construction and a complete source list are fully examined in this pictorial 20 page, full-color Step-by-Step article in PDF format.


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