Russian Spacecraft VOSTOK 1 1:24 Scale Revell Model Kit #00024 Review

2014 January 16
by Doug

Right On Replicas Step-by-Step Review 20140116*
Russian Spacecraft VOSTOK 1 1:24 Scale Revell Model Kit #00024 Review
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On the morning of 12th April 1961, the Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Alexejewitsch Gagarin took-off from the Soviet Cosmodrome at Baikonur to become the first man in space.  The Vostok Spacecraft consisting of two separate modules now made it possible to return from Space to the Earth for the very first time.  All the important sequences such as ignition of the braking rockets towards the end of the flight were completely automated.  A modified R-7 intercontinental Rocket with a take-off weight of 360 tons was used as a launch vehicle.  The duration of the mission was calculated using an orbital height of between 180km and 230 km.  The Spacecraft achieved orbit 14 minutes after take-off at 0707 hrs Central European time.  During the flight, Gagarin used the radio to report the condition of technical systems, his health and his impressions of the flight.  At 0807 hrs Gagarin began preparations for his return to Earth.  After a total flight time of 1 hour and 48 minutes covering a distance of 41,000 km (25,461 miles) he successfully landed near the south-west Russian town of Engels at 0855 hrs.  The announcement of the successful launch of the Vostok Rocket was transmitted 55 minutes after take-off over Radio Moscow and in the USA had a similar effect to that of the Sputnik 1 four years earlier.  The flight counts as one of the greatest successes in the history of Soviet Space Flight.

For the Modeler: This is a Revell “Classics” Series Russian Spacecraft VOSTOK 1 1:24 Scale Revell Model Kit #00024 Review. This kit is no longer in production but can be found at online auctions and garage sales. It is Fig 25in the Revell of Germany boxing and was a 2011 re-issue of the 1969 release.  It is a Skill Level 2 kit for the intermediate builder but this review takes the base kit to new heights and turns this simple kit into a museum quality masterpiece right before your eyes. The methods and techniques presented here involve advanced modeling skills to duplicate the model shown but if you just want to incorporate some of these efforts into your build; you will find it very rewarding when it goes on your shelf.  The original kit consists of 55 parts molded in gray and a clear display stand. It includes some waterslide decals and a multi-lingual instruction booklet. The finished dimensions are; Length: 14.0″, Diameter: 4.25″.

Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build AND TRANSFORM IT INTO AN AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION OF THE ORIGINAL SPACECRAFT using this kit as a base; basic construction; extensive scratch building and additional detail; complete authentic color selections; adhesive selections and applications; sturdy display stand(s) construction; Vzor hole alignment; extensive modifications to the cockpit, ejection seat, instrument compartment, Sharik Sphere, 3rd stage segment alterations; and spacecraft history, are all fully examined in this pictorial 27 page, full-color Step-by-Step review in PDF format. The kit’s instructions are also available with this review.


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