Laird Super Solution Air Racer 1:32 Scale Wms Bros Model Kit #32510 Review

2014 June 17
by Doug

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Laird Super Solution Air Racer 1:32 Scale Wms Bros Model Kit #32510 Review
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On August 23, 1931, just five days prior to having to leave for the start of the Bendix Race, the Super Solution rolled out of Matty Laird’s factory.  The little racer glistened with a viridian green fuselage and Kodak yellow wings, the “Skyways Inc” appeared on the fuselage side; further aft on the fuselage was a large race number 400. The cockpit was tucked in behind the engine and the fuel tanks.  Large side panels folded down on both sides for entry and quick exit if there were trouble.  Forward visibility was not possible, but upwards over the wing and sideways was good.  To insure the highest speeds possible out of the airplane, Matty endeavored to minimize frontal area.  These Lairds were built for speed.  The Super Solution carried a 21 foot upper wing and an 18 foot lower wing with about 108 sq feet total; fully loaded, it grossed at 2675 pounds, and while empty it weighed 1780 pounds.  Jimmy Doolittle was first to test fly the airplane and noted that the engines high torque did not create any difficult control problems; however, the large 9 foot prop appeared to have quite a blanking effect on the control surfaces, especially during landing, and created difficulty getting the tail all the way down.  Ultimately, engine stress from previous races caused Doolittle to drop out of the Thompson Trophy race that year.

For the Modeler: This is review is for the Laird Super Solution Air Racer 1:32 Scale Wms Bros Model Kit #0050-32510-01. It is a Skill Level 3 kit with ~40 pieces molded in gray with a clear canopy and waterslide decals for the advanced builder.  This is a refreshed set of molds for the re-release of the kit and a new box art from the previous release. Rigging is made significantly easier with the materials used in this review so they always look great despite of their age. However, this kit doesn’t require much masking to replicate the original plane and the decals are very manageable. With a few other tweaks this kit can be built and look great at a skill level 2 rating.  Finished dimensions are: Length: 8-¼”, Width: 3″, Height: 2-¼”.

Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; extensive paint and finishing information; adhesive selections and applications; cockpit  construction and detailing; decal preparation and application; how to use Alclad paint to replicate metal finishes; seam and sink identification and repair methods; engine detailing and weathering; making the glass look real; decal selection,  preparation, and application; clamping methods; masking for paint processes; methods for weighting the tires; how to use setting solutions for great looking decals; handling small parts easily;  modifying the engine cylinders for fit; and an expanded history of the real aircraft are all fully examined in this pictorial 21 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.

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