WW2 German Elite Infantryman Figure 1:16 Scale Tamiya Model Kit #3 (36303) Review

2014 July 8
by Doug

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WW2 German Elite Infantryman Figure 1:16 Scale Tamiya Kit #3 (36303) Review

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Strangely, this figure is referred to only as an ‘Elite German Infantryman’ but a close inspection of the box art reveals that he’s a Waffen SS Panzergrenadier. He’s wearing M1944 pea pattern or dot camouflage which was only issued to the SS, and the distinctive belt buckle insignia confirms his affiliation. The Waffen SS were probably the most ruthless and fanatical soldiers in the history of warfare and even today they are spoken of with dread. While their exploits were not always honourable or admirable, it cannot be denied that they were at least extremely interesting.


For the Modeler: This is the third addition to Tamiya’s line of about 12 plastic figure kits in 1/16 scale (120mm), mostly on German WW2 subjects. It is comprised of ~30 pieces molded in medium gray. For the price, these kits offer extreme value and build up into excellent figures which are suitable for finishing by a novice right up to the professional. Their only close rivals in the market are similar WW2 kits made by Dragon or Kirin, which offer comparable quality and subject matter at a slightly higher price. Regardless of your political opinions, this figure is an emblematic representation of that time in history and as such, deserves a place in every model soldier collection. The modeling of the figure and his equipment is extremely accurate and well done, the pose very realistic and obviously sculpted from real life by a modeler intimately familiar with this subject. It is an easy build apart from some correction tweaks and a complicated paint job, all of which will be examined in minute detail in this article.


Covered in this article: Basic construction, glue, multimedia paint and material selections; reference materials; preparation, dealing with flash removal; filling seams on a figure; adding metal locating pins to improve stability; application of primer; masking large areas for camouflage painting by aerosol and airbrush, using latex masking fluid; highlighting and shadowing creases using ink washes and dry brushing with oil paint; drilling out areas to accept straps made from lead foil; casting additional insignia; suggestions for increasing accuracy and detail; making your own figure base with plaster cast groundwork; creating scale spent casings;  making a title plaque, are fully examined in this 23 page, full colour, comprehensive guide by an expert figure painter.



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