1968 Corvette Roadster 2n1 1:25 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-2544 Review

2014 September 4
by Doug

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1968 Corvette Roadster 2n1 1:25 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-2544 Review

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Other sporty two-seaters have come and gone, but Corvettes have made American hearts thump for decades. Their combination of performance and elegance 001 makes every generation timeless. For 1968 both the Corvette body and interior were completely redesigned; this is the “C3” or Third Generation. As before, the car was available in either coupe or convertible models, but coupes had new removable roof panels (T-tops) and a removable rear window. A soft folding top was included with convertibles, while an auxiliary hardtop with a glass rear window was offered at additional cost. The enduring new body’s concealed headlights moved into position via a vacuum operated system rather than electrically as on the previous generation. The chassis was carried over from the second generation models, retaining the fully independent suspension (with minor revisions) and the four-wheel disc brake system. The engine line-up and horsepower ratings were also carried over from the previous year as were the 3 and 4-speed manual transmissions. Finally, the new optional Turbo Hydramatic 3-speed automatic transmission replaced the two-speed Powerglide.



FOR THE MODELER:  This review is based on the Revell Kit #85-2544 ’68 Corvette Roadster 2n1 in 1/25 scale. The kit is considered a Skill Level 2 for the moderate002 builder and consists of 124 parts molded in White, Chrome, Clear, Clear Red and Vinyl tires. A quick search on the internet shows multiple box arts over the years for this kit  making this a re-release (Repop). A scan of the parts shows a chassis copyright date of 1988. Revell updated this kit to an L-88 and a Racer also with minor changes over the years. That being said this is one of the better releases of this kit. It retains the L-88 Hood, stock wheels and the soft top and hard top parts. The motor is a nicely detailed big block V-8 and you get a carb or “blown” option. The frame and suspension are well detailed and are built as a multi-part unit. The multi-piece interior has very crisp detail that is well defined and has easy-to-paint details. The door panels are separate but the interior is a “Tub”. The body is a single piece with only minor mold lines. The two roof options and hood are separate units but install perfectly. There are very few decals for the body with just some Flames and 2 sets of plates. Overall dimensions are: Length: 7-3/8″ Width: 2-1/2″ Height: 2-1/16″.



OVERALL IMPRESSIONS:  This was a great build! A Corvette is always fun to build because you get a little bit of a challenge but with patience a very nice car. The motor on this car has a few options with two intake systems. I did replace the factory 003air filter with one from my parts box because I used some of the custom parts on the stock build to make mine unique. With a little aftermarket wires and add-on stuff this becomes a very nice motor. The chassis is a little simple on the assembly but looks very nice with detailed painting.  Same with the interior, some Flocking and extra details and this interior can stand out. Being a Convertible allows you to SEE your work so take your time on the details. The single part body was nice and had very little clean up, the optional Up-Top or Hard Top roofs are a nice touch. I must note final assembly must be done slowly. Fitting the chassis and body properly to squeeze the motor in to the fender wells can be touchy. Not overly difficult to do, but the final alignment is important for the car to fit properly: take your time. I followed the directions step by step and the kit went together without a hitch. This kit has been around a while and I have built it a few times, I enjoyed it as much this time as the past. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this one as a 9. With a little extra time and effort you can make this a Contest Car!

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