C-47 Skytrain and Paratroopers 1:48 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-5637 Review

2014 October 27
by Doug

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C-47 Skytrain and Paratroopers 1:48 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-5637 Review

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The Douglas C-47 is probably the most ubiquitous transport aircraft of World War II. A military version of the venerable Douglas DC-3 civilian airliner, it has served in many roles for many countries over the past 70 years.  First flown on Dec. 17th 1935 and built for 11 years, before production ceased in 1946,  over 1,000 remain in service today.  The C-47 served primarily in the transport in the Pacific Theatre and paratrooper transport role in Europe during World War II.  It soldiered on as the AC-47 ‘Spooky’ gunship during the Vietnam War.  More than 10,000 C-47s (and variants) were produced.  Between March 1943 and August 1945 the Oklahoma City plant produced 5,354 C-47s. As Revell’s website puts it, “An aluminum tube 63ft. long; unheated, un-pressurized, unarmored, unarmed and carrying 32 men to war through flak and fighter fire. Gooney Birds, the C-47 Skytrain, were the workhorses and warhorses of the Allies throughout WWII. They carried paratroopers into combat, brought supplies to embattled soldiers and, at the end of the war, carried them home. No model collection is complete without at least one model of the humble yet mighty C-47 Skytrain!”

For the Modeler: This is a review of the C-47 Skytrain and Paratroopers 1:48 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-5637. This the latest re-release of the old Monogram that’s been around for years. It is rated a skill level 2 kit and is part of the limited production 000b Selected Subjects Program (SSP) Series. The kit contains 102pieces. Thre are Olive Drab injection molded pieces and six clear parts. Of those pieces 21 of them are devoted to 9 paratroopers and 3 crew members. Decals are provided for 2 aircraft, Buzz Buggy” of the 81st Troop Carrier Squadron and ”Drag ‘Em Oot” of the 87th Troop Carrier Squadron. Decals are also provided for the D-Day invasion stripes although only ‘Drag ‘Em Oot’ has the invasion stripes on both upper & lower wing surfaces.  Because I wanted the invasion stripes to be visible all around, I chose to build the second version – ‘Drag ‘Em Oot”.  I opted to paint the stripeson instead of using the decals, but more on that in the full review. Finished dimensions are: Length: 16″,  Wingspan: 23-5/8″, and Height: 4-1/4″.


Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; extensive paint and finishing information; adhesive selections and applications; basic construction; glue and material selections; repairing seams; cockpit instrument panel treatment and highlighting; gluing clear parts without crazing; liquid mask, low tack putty and film masking; black washes with diluted paint; accuracy of markings; decal preparation and application; using decal setting solutions; applying Future floor finish; livery considerations; stripes versus paint; identifying  repairing pin marks;  Deluxe putty notes; using pencil to pick out details; removing unwanted doors; handling care for delicate parts; prop finishing; matching up stripes; detailed masking instructions; diorama considerations; crew and paratrooper uniform colors and paint sources; are all fully examined in this pictorial 17 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.


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