F9-F Grumman Panther 1:48 Scale AMT Model Kit #813 Review

2015 January 22
by Doug


Right On Replicas, LLC Step-by-Step Review 20150122*
F9-F Grumman Panther 1:48 Scale AMT Model Kit #813 Review

Review and Photos by Doug Cole Doug

Grumman’s first construction of a Navy jet fighter was a big success with two versions powered by different engines.  The FPF-2 used the Pratt & Whitney and the FPF-3 housed an Allison engine.  Prototyped in 1947, it saw production the next year. Fast and maneuverable they were the first Navy jet fighters to see combat in the Korean War. They were primarily designed for ground support, but were found to be effective interceptors as well and through its lifespan was fitted with different armaments for a variety of combat and support roles. The Allison design had a top speed of 575 mph and carried four 20 mm cannons in the J-33 configuration.


For the Modeler: This is a review of the F9-F Grumman Panther 1:48 Scale AMT Model Kit #813. This the latest re-release of the old AMT kit. It is rated a skill level 2 kit for intermediate modelers and is part of the Retro Deluxe Series. Included is an updated 000b and enhanced decal sheet, and refurbished part trees. The kit contains 40+ pieces. They are molded in dark blue styrene with a clear canopy.  Decals are provided for three aircraft, Navy, Marine and Blue Angel liveries are included. The parts are very clean from flash and are crisply molded. Finished dimensions of the kit are: Length: 9½” x Wingspan 9½” x Height: 3″.


Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; extensive paint and finishing information; adhesive selections and applications; alternate assembly sequence for improved fit and finish; repairing seams and sinks; replacing lost panel lines are discussed; cockpit console and  instrument panel treatment and highlighting; gluing clear parts without crazing; detailed landing gear construction; clamping methods and locations; clarifying part location information; using Parafilm masking; how to “tone down” raised panel lines; black washes with diluted paint; decal preparation and application; removing unwanted paint guides; how to mask for panel painting; using decal setting solutions; removing locating posts and bosses for improved fit; mounting the plane for spray painting; using tacky putty as a painting aid; applying Pledge floor finish for perfectly clear “glass” parts; livery and version considerations; decal treatments; identifying pin marks; detailed masking instructions; pilot figure colors and paint sources; are all fully examined in this extensive 17 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.


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