Project Vanguard Satellite 1:5 Scale Hawk Model Kit # HL603 Review

2015 April 24
by Doug


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Project Vanguard Satellite 1:5 Scale Hawk Model Kit # HL603 Review

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 Vanguard 1 was a small earth-orbiting satellite designed to test the launch capabilities of a three-stage launch vehicle and the effects of the environment on a satellite and its systems in Earth orbit. It also was used to obtain geodetic measurements through orbit analysis.  Vanguard 1 was placed into orbit on 3/17/1958, into a 654 x 3969 km 134.2 minute orbit inclined at 34.25 degrees. Original estimates had the orbit lasting for 2000 years, but it was discovered that solar radiation pressure and atmospheric drag during high levels of solar activity produced significant perturbations in the perigee height of the satellite, which caused a significant decrease in its expected lifetime to only about 240 years. The battery powered transmitter stopped operating in June 1958 when the batteries ran down. The solar powered transmitter operated until May 1964 (when the last signals were received in Quito, Ecuador) after which the spacecraft was optically tracked from Earth.

For the modeler: This is a Skill Level 2 Project Vanguard Satellite 1:5 Scale Hawk Model Kit # HL603 Review.  Released by Hawk Models in 1958, the kit was re-released with its original box art in 1966. 000b In November of 2014, Round 2 Models rereleased it for us again.  This classic kit from the Hawk models tooling vault presents an early speculative look at the satellite. It is molded in opaque gray and clear parts along with decals to label every aspect of the exploratory craft.  Finished Dimensions are: 12” End of Antenna to the End of the Opposing Antenna, 6” Tall sitting on the Base

Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; abrasive choices; clamping methods; using Alclad paint for realistic effects; color band masking techniques; using floor polish for exceptionally clear glass effects; advanced decal application methods; using clear glue for invisible joins; ionization chamber detailing; adding foil effects to the Solar Aspect Cell; sealing the decals with Pledge Future; using foil to simulate insulation; seam identification and repair; sectioning the antennae for a superior finish; complete paint and adhesive selections and applications; test fitting; realistic antennae finishes; constructing and finishing the display base; detailing the instrument package; expanded history facts; where “NOT” to use glue; detailing the satellite interior for realism; are all fully examined in this 20 page, full-color Step-by-Step review in PDF format.




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