Jinx Express by Tom Daniel 1:24 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-6899 Review

2015 August 19
by Doug

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Jinx Express by Tom Daniel 1:24 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-6899 Review

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 The Jinx Express is a rollin’ “Fort Knox” from the mind of Tom Daniel and the model makers at Monogram. It has all those “go” details you’ve come to expect from Tom: Zoomie pipes, tinted hood scoop and a big bad engine, periscope, high-rise spoiler and big, wide, super-fast slicks to give it the GO when the green light comes on. This model has a detailed driver’s compartment, revolving turret with a coin slot for deposits, and rear “vault” door that opens with a combination lock that really works! This truck is really a bank. Drop the coins in the top slot and open the combination door at the rear to make a withdrawal.

From the Tom Daniel notes: “Jinx was a spoof name and rhymes with the name of a well-known armored Truck company that hauls money around and who got robbed of BIG bucks. I thought it only fitting to ‘hot rod’ a money truck. This was the first version (Fast Buck was the second). I had a lot of fun designing this one with all the rivets (I am a rivet freak), and all the gun ports, revolving top turret, BIG rear spoiler, wheelie wheels and all the rest. Early on, it was decided to actually make this model kit capable of being used as a “Piggy Bank”…the slot to drop in coins is in the top turret… so I deliberately gave the front end treatment a kind of pig snout look to it. The short wheel base and overall “chunky” look always appealed to me.”


For the modeler: This review covers the Monogram Re-release (Re-Pop) of the Jinx Express and is 1/24 Scale. Revell list this as kit #6899 in the current catalog. This is the first direct Re-release of this kit in the “Jinx Express” form since 1971 but it was 1 also released as the “Fast Buck” many years ago. This is rated as a Skill Level 2 for the intermediate builder. There are 81 parts molded in Grayish Silver, Chrome, Clear Green and it has Vinyl tires. The decals are on a small sheet with a logo and peace signs. The instructions are the newer Revell book style. You get a fairly detailed motor, unfortunately it is hidden in the build. The chassis is a basic plate as it is a bank. The body is a solid part with the rear “Vault” door opening. There is an interior but it is not seen in the final build too well so detail is really unnecessary. The final build is solid and can be actually used as a bank without falling apart. Overall dimensions are: Length: 6-5/8″, Width: 3-1/8″, Height: 3-5/8″.


Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; alternate assembly sequence suggestions for fit and ease of finishing; abrasive choices; complete paint and adhesive selections and applications; test fitting; mold seam identification and repair; using white glue for the window glass; constructing and installing the coin slot/turret; complete suspension construction; detailing the tires for realism; chassis construction and detailing; mounting the body to the chassis; removing copyright script; engine construction and detailing; building and complete interior detailing; detailing the taillights; detailing the dashboard; optional parts considerations; detailing the dash with optional decals; using homemade wired distributor; highlighting the trim with a marker; finishing and installing the defensive weapons; assembling and installing the working combination vault lock; installing the glass with clear glue; header/frame interference fit discussion; using decal setting solution for that “painted on” look; combining instruction steps for better finishing; decal preparation and application; are all fully examined in this 14 page, full-color Step-by-Step review in PDF format.


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