EF-111A Raven 1:72 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-5480 Review

2015 September 17
by Doug

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EF-111A Raven 1:72 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-5480 Review

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The General Dynamics/Grumman EF-111A Raven was an electronic warfare aircraft designed to replace the B-66 Destroyer in the United States Air Force. Its crews and maintainers often called it the “Spark-Vark”, a play on the F-111’s “Aardvark” nickname. The Raven has the combined agility of a fighter, the payload of a bomber, and the electronic counter-measures (ECM) equipment of a jammer. It is equipped with an ALQ-99E electronic jamming system which has the ability to pickup, identify, and neutralize hostile radars over a wide range of frequencies. The USAF contracted with Grumman in 1974 to convert some existing General Dynamics F-111As into electronic warfare/electronic countermeasures (ECM) aircraft.[N 1] The USAF had considered the Navy/Marine Corps Grumman EA-6B Prowler, but was reluctant to adopt a Navy aircraft. The EF-111 entered service in 1983 and served until it was retired in 1998. Afterwards, the Air Force began depending on Navy and Marine Corps EA-6Bs for electronic warfare support.


For the Modeler: This review covers the This Skill Level 2 for the intermediate builder EF-111A Raven 1:72 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-5480. It consists of 64 parts on three sprues (molded in Light Gray plastic) and a 1 piece canopy (molded in clear plastic). Pic 1 The kit provides a detailed cockpit and landing gear. It has the unique option of movable swing-wings that can be put in either the deployed or retracted position. It has decals for either of two aircraft. 1.) EF-111A, 66-0044 “Straight Flush” 27th Fighter Wing, Cannon AFB, New Mexico or 2.) EF-111A, 66-0013 “Yankee Air Pirate” 27th Fighter Wing, Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The 12 page instruction booklet provides easy to follow line drawings with painting guides for the parts throughout the construction steps and the final overall finish of the exterior with the Federal Standard paint codes where appropriate. The completed dimensions are: Length 12”, Wing Span (extended) 10½”.


Covered in this Review: If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; extensive paint and finishing information; adhesive selections and applications; cockpit construction and detailing; decal preparation and application; cockpit and instrument panel detailing; nose weight consideration and implementation; using clear coats for decal application; landing gear and tire finishing; identification of the copyright script; historical information; advanced literature reference; interior panel finishing; clamping methods; complete exhaust area painting technique; canopy detailing; decal selection, preparation, and application, and repairs; instruction errors explained; detailing the landing gear bays; instruction clarifications; using setting solutions for great looking decals; over-coating with clear flat spray; filling gaps; clamping methods; masking methods explained; intake detailing; adding black washes for realism; positionable wing modifications for functionality; extensive landing gear construction and detailing; are all fully examined in this pictorial 26 page, full-color Step-by-Step review.



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