Patriot Missile M901& Carrier 1:48 Scale ARII Model Kit #A681 Review

2016 January 6
by Doug

Right On Replicas, LLC Step-by-Step Review 20160106*
Patriot Missile M901& Carrier 1:48 Scale ARII Model Kit #A681 Review

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The patriot missile is an acronym for the Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target. It was designed in the United States and came into service around 1981 to the present. There were over 1100 launchers deployed in the Unites States and over 170 launchers were exported to other countries such as;  Germany, Egypt, Greece, and Israel however there are other countries as well that have the patriot missile system. The patriot missile system replaces the Nike Hercules and the MIM-23 Hawk. The patriot missile system was originally manufactured by Raytheon however now it is currently being manufactured by Lockheed Martin & Boeing.    The launcher, (with missiles), are commonly mounted on M860 semi-trailers, which are towed by Oshkosh M983 HEMTT’s.


For the Modeler: This is a review of the ARII kit A681 that is 1:48 scale, and the skill level is near Level 2 in difficulty. You can still find this missile system and carrier at online hobby shops as the MIco Ace/Arii Model #641514. There were also 000b companion pieces produced by Arii such as the ladder controller, missile controller, and patriot missile antenna mast, which sometimes appear at online auction sites as well.  The pieces for this kit are molded in olive drab, and smoke grey clear, vinyl tubing, rubber tubing and water slide decals. There are 107 pieces to this kit and very well laid out instructions. The instructions are primarily in Japanese with some English translations. There is an app you can download to your smart phone to translate the instructions. The finished dimensions are (in inches); tractor 7 1/4 L X 2 3/4 W X 3 3/8 H, trailer 7 5/8L X 4 ¼ W X 6 ½ H, with the rocket coming out of the launcher on the trailer 7 5/8 L X 4 ¼ W X 8 H tractor and trailer 13 ¼ L X 4 ¼ W 6 ½ H.


Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; alternate assembly sequence suggestions for fit and ease of finishing; complete paint and adhesive selections and applications; test fitting; front and rear suspension construction; launcher installation techniques; windshield construction and appropriate adhesive; tips for working with foreign language instructions; decal selections and sources; installing the “hydraulic” lines; finishing the missile; wheel assembly sequence; installing glass with “clear” glue; where NOT to use glue for motion parts; using some scrap plastic to provide “action” to the missile; finishing the servicemen; launcher assembly sequence; correcting instruction errors; companion models discussed;  wheel assembly; painting the crew figures; decal application and finishing; are all fully examined in this 21 page, full-color Step-by-Step review in PDF format.


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