Peterbilt Cabover Pacemaker 352 1:25 Scale AMT Model Kit #759 Review

2016 April 14
by Doug

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Peterbilt Cabover Pacemaker 352 1:25 Scale AMT Model Kit #759 Review

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Peterbilt Motors Company was founded in 1939. They are an American manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty Class 5 through Class 8 Semi trucks. From the early 1960s until the mid-1980s the company was based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, with its headquarters and main plant all in Newark California. Peterbilt model numbers traditionally started with a “2” for single drive rear axle tag axle models, and with a “3” for dual drive rear axle model from 1939 until 1981. 282/352: Tilt-cab cab-over-engine models that replaced the Model 351 (non-tilting) cab over with “Panoramic Safe-T-Cab” in 1959. Formally nicknamed the “Pacemaker” by a staffer at Peterbilt after an in-house name contest in 1969 (the winner got a color TV). From 1959 to early 1969 the headlights were closer to the radiator and the UniLite cab was all hand tooled. The Pacemaker cab was refined through the 1970s. Pacemakers 352s were available in cab sizes ranging from 54″ to 110″ bumper to back of cab (BBC). A 352 Pacemaker appeared in Knight Rider as super-truck Goliath, and the “cab-over Pete” is referenced in the classic CB radio song “Convoy”.


For the modeler: This review covers the re-release (Re-Pop) of the AMT Peterbilt Cabover 1:25 Scale kit by Round 2. This is Kit #AMT759 in the current catalog. This kit started out in 1970 and has seen multiple releases over the years. Most of the releases were just decal changes. AMT considers this a Skill Level 3 kit. You get over 250 parts molded in White, Chrome, Clear and Clear Red with Vinyl tires and Metal axles. The decals are waterslide and this version is the Bicentennial Edition 1976. The instructions are typical old style AMT. Many of the parts are the same as found in the Pete California Hauler kit. In fact the motor, whole Chrome sprue and interior parts are identical. While the frame is shorter you will end up with excess parts as you get all the plates and air tanks for the 359 that you will not use on this 352. But what modeler doesn’t like extra parts? The motor is a nice build and is quite detailed. The frame builds straight. The interior tub and sleeper area is fully detailed. The cab is a single piece and is straight and solid. The chrome is crisp and clean but flash is an issue throughout the kit because of it’s age and you need to take extra time to clean up the parts before assembly. Overall size is: Length: 10”, Width: 4”, Height: 6”.


 Covered in this Review:  If you want to perfect your build; basic construction; preparing parts for better finishing; alternate assembly sequence suggestions for fit and ease of finishing; abrasive choices; complete paint and adhesive selections and 1 applications; test fitting; using white glue for the window glass; front and rear suspension construction; fifth wheel detailing; shock and torsion bar placement; detailing the tires for realism; chassis construction and detailing; engine construction and detailing; fuel tank notes; interior detailing; optional finishing ideas are explained; preserving the cab detailing; air ride construction and installation; duallie assembly sequence; perfect accents with marking pens; detailing the turn signals and roof lights; adding blackwash detailing to the grill; mounting the A/C unit; detailing the dashboard; mirror construction sequence; installing the driveshafts; dealing with unwanted chrome plating; mounting the cab steps; leftover kit parts; attaching delicate parts; exhaust alignment note; using floor wax to make crystal clear window glass; decal preparation and application; using decal setting solutions for that “painted on” look; are all fully examined in this 24 page, full-color Step-by-Step review in PDF format.


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