LaCrosse Missile w/Carrier & Crew Renwal-Revell 1:32 Scale Model Kit #85-7824 Review

2016 August 1
by Doug

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LaCrosse Missile w/Carrier Renwal-Revell 1:32 Scale Model Kit #85-7824 Review

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The Lacrosse Missile was a surface missile that was originally developed by the Marine Corps after World War II. The Lacrosse was designed to have forward controllers guide the Lacrosse to the target. Originally designed for close support the Lacrosse quickly became a general support missile. The Lacrosse had a few names; SSM-N-9 (U.S. Navy), SSM-G-12 (U.S. Army), SSM-A-12 (U.S. Army), M4 (U.S. Army) and finally MGM-18A (U.S. Army). The Lacrosse Missile was only in service between 1959 and 1964 with 1200 being built. The 5th Battalion, 41st Artillery is credited to have received the first Lacrosse missile and a total of eight battalions would have the Lacrosse Missiles of which most were in Europe and one in Korea.  There were two versions of the Lacrosse; the M387 which has a M44 66 truck (1953-1957) and the M398 M45 6X6 truck (1958-1959). The Lacrosse’s dimensions were 19 feet long, 20 inches in diameter, 9 feet wing span, 2300 pounds’ weight, had a range of 11 miles and a speed of Mach .8.


For the Modeler: This review covers the Lacrosse Missile w/Carrier Renwal-Revell Scale Model Kit #85-7824 It is 1:32 scale, and a skill level 5. There are 139 pieces molded in olive drab styrene, and clear acetated film for the windows, with water slide decals. It also has very well laid out instructions. This kit replicates the M398 version of the Lacrosse Missile. 000b The basic model hasn’t changed from its release in the sixties and you’ll find sinks, and ejector pin marks to repair but with some patience it builds up into a great special subject matter display.  Five crew member figures are also included.  The dimensions are L 9-7/8” X W 3¼” X H 7½”.


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Lacrosse Missile w/Carrier Review


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