How to Build the Nanchang CJ-6 1-48 Scale Model Trumpeter Kit #02887 Review

2016 August 29
by Doug

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How to Build the Nanchang CJ-6 1-48 Scale Model Trumpeter Kit #02887 Review

Review and Photos by Steven Hardwick for RoR Steven Hardwick

This all ORIGINAL Chinese design that is commonly mistaken for a Yak 18A. the Nanchang CJ-5 (previous version), was a license-built version of the Yak-18. However, advancements in pilot training brought a need for a new aircraft with improved performance and a tricycle landing gear, as compared to the tail dragger version. Only about 3000 of these were built for training.   On an interesting note, the Nanchang CJ-6 makes extensive use of pneumatics to control the gear and flap extension/retraction, operate the brakes and start the engine. An engine-driven air pump recharges the system; however if air pressure is too low to start the engine then the onboard air tank can be recharged by an external source. If an external source is not available then the engine can be started by hand swinging the propeller.


For the Modeler: This review covers the Trumpeter Chinese Nanchang CJ-6 1:48 Scale aircraft Kit #02887. This kit features engraved panel lines, detailed tandem cockpits although there are NO seat backs included in the 1:48 scale kit, tricycle undercarriage, boxed-in wheel bays and single-piece canopy.  One Waterslide decal sheet with crisp and clean decals for (2) typical Chinese aircraft – 000b including instrument markings, stencil data and additional numerals allowing alternate liveries.  Directions are VERY basic a one piece fold out 3 steps (involved) and a very nice color guide sheet for decal placement and color specifics . Colors recommend are Mr. Color brand Flat Black, Tan, Light Green, Light Blue, Grey,  Red and Green . I stayed with the box art for this review which is clean and simple. The kit has four part sprues and one clear parts sprue. They are numbered and very easy to follow it gives you a choice of two options for props to use.  This model is a very nice build with only a few easy to fix flaws that are shown in the review.  Kit size: 7″ long, 8.5″ wide and 2 5/8″ Tall  (tip of tail).

See the FREE Step-by-Step review by clicking on the YouTube link below!


Chinese Nanchang CJ-6


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