How to Build the U2-c Spyplane 1:48 Scale Hawk Model Kit #HL-421 Review

2016 September 8
by Doug

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How to Build the U2-c Spyplane 1:48 Scale Hawk Model Kit #HL-421 Review

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The U2-c spy plane was a secret project built by Lockheed as a high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. The U2 had a nickname of Dragon Lady. The designer was Clarence Johnson and the first flight was in 1955.The CIA, Air Force and NASA all used the U2 throughout the years and is still in use today. The U2 has taken part in several operations from the Cold War up to the more recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The spy plane has a ceiling of 70,000 feet. There were two incidents where the U2 was shot down; once over Russia in 1960 and another during the Cuban Missile Crises in 1962.  The former was recently popularized by the recent Tom Hanks movie, “Bridge of Spies”.


For the Modeler: This review covers the, “Made in USA” re-release of the U2-c Spyplane 1:48 Scale Hawk Model Kit #HL-421. Round2 rates this as a Skill Level 2 for ages 10 and up. The kit contains 74 parts molded in black and clear plastic with 1 Cartograph waterslide decals. The build gives you options for five different assignment liveries and well laid out instructions. Completed dimensions are: Length: 12¼”, Width: 20″, Height: 3-5/8″. On the dolly it sets 4¼” high.



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U2-C Spy Plane Review

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