How to Build the Beer Wagon by Tom Daniel 1:24 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-2453 Review

2016 September 27
by Doug

Right On Replicas, LLC Step-by-Step Review 20160927*
How to Build the Beer Wagon by Tom Daniel 1:24 Scale Monogram Model Kit #85-2453 Review

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For the Modeler:  This is a direct Re-release (Re-Pop) of the same kit that has seen multiple box arts over the years. This is Kit # 85-2453 in the current catalog. Revell has rated this as a Skill Level 4 for ages 12 and above and averages 5 hours build time. In the box you get 82 parts molded in Yellow, Brown, Chrome, and Vinyl tires. The Beer Wagon is a modern show rod expression of the 1 classic Mack Bulldog truck. It is a unique creation by Tom Daniel, the famous automotive designer. It blends historical 30’s design with the latest in street rod performance. Plus, there are all those classic Tom Daniels features you’ve come to expect. This is the first kit release from Monogram done in 1967 by the creator Tom Daniel It has a small waterslide decal sheet and typical book format instruction book. This is a simplistic kit that is more for show than realism. Overall dimensions are: Length: 6-1/4″, Width: 3-1/4″, Height: 3″.


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Beer Wagon by Tom Daniel Review


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