How to Build the Shell Lockheed Vega AMT 1:48 Scale Kit #AMT950 Review

2016 October 14
by Doug

Right On Replicas, LLC Step-by-Step Review 20161014*
How to Build the Shell Lockheed Vega AMT 1:48 Scale Kit #AMT950 Review

Review and Photos for Right On Replicas by Doug Cole Doug

The Lockheed Vega was a commuter plane that made its debut in the 20’s to provide corporations with a fast and durable airframe for executives.  As it turned out its range and flight characteristics also made it attractive to pilots trying to set long distance endurance records like Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post.  It was those pioneers that cemented the legend of the venerable Vega.  The plane did have one shortcoming – lack of forward visibility on landing which made tricycle gear planes more attractive when airports became more numerous.


For the Modeler:  This is a re-released Shell Lockheed Vega AMT 1:48 Scale Kit #AMT950 Review. Round2 has rated this as a Skill Level 2 kit for ages 10 and above but I would recommend it to more experienced modelers.  In the box you get 41 parts molded in yellow and clear plastic with Cartograph water slide decals. There are two extra pieces in the kit which aren’t used and a simple line drawing foldout instruction sheet.  This is a simple build with a one piece motor and no interior to speak of.  The challenge here lies in the finishing.  The decals are made well but they are thicker than usual which helps small hands install them, but it they don’t conform well to surface features. Overall dimensions are approximately: Width: 10¼”, Length: 6¾”, Height: 2-1/2″.


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Shell Lockheed Vega Review



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