How to Build the Baron’s Funfdecker Fokker Revell Model Kit #85-1735 Review

2017 May 19
by Doug

Right On Replicas, LLC Step-by-Step Review 20170518*
How to Build the Baron’s Funfdecker Fokker Revell Model Kit #85-1735 Review

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Baron von Rot stood at attention. His commander, Air Marshal von Blitzkrieg, was there to award him the highest order of the Iron Cross – the Crossed Dog Bones! The baron had shown great bravery and mastery of the skies in his “Dog Fight” with the enemy ace code-named “K-9.” But in the back his mind – having seen his arch enemy parachute to safety – the baron knew he would have to face him again!


For the modeler:  This review covers the recent re-release of Revell’s Baron and his Funfdecker Fokker plane from the Deal’s Wheel’s Series by Dave Deal. This is a Non-Scaled kit of a whimsical nature and unrealistic, it is a 5 winged Fokker with World War II markings! The kit is rated a Skill Level 4 and requires Glue and Paint. 1 You get 50 parts molded in Red and Chrome and it includes a Waterslide decal sheet. The instructions are different as they are written in a comic style as if the Baron is instructing you, in broken English, how to assemble the kit. The whole kit has a humor about it and is quite fun to build. Overall assembly is not difficult and fit and finish is fairly good for a kit from the early 70’s. Overall dimensions are: Length: 6-3/16″, Width: 8-5/8″, Height: 5-5/8″.



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Funfdecker Fokker Review




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